Eternity Goal Devotional (EGD) ; Conditional Love ( Part 1)

ETERNITY GOAL DEVOTIONAL (EGD) By Evangelist Abutu Jeremiah Jnr.

Marital Exploit

Conditional Love(Part 1)

John 3:16

Wednesday June 1st, 2022.

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE POINT= ” For God so love the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believe in Him will not perish, but have eternal life”, John 3:16

Genuine Love comes with condition. For the heart to be open, certain condition must be fulfilled ( Evangelist Abutu Jeremiah Jnr).

From the above Scriptural Reference Point, it is established that for one not to perish, but have eternal life ; You must believe in Christ Jesus ( That is a condition).

I asked someone a question last week. I said, ” Is love based on condition? He said, ‘ No ! I replied Why? He said, ‘ Love is unconditional’.

I asked the next question : if you find out that the lady you are about to marry, slept with a dog, what will you do? He said, ‘ God forbid, I will end the Relationship’!

That means love is conditional. For love to grow, certain condition must be reached!

You can’t be honest and your partner is dishonest.

You can’t be sexually pure and your partner is sexually immoral.

You can’t be angered control and your partner is intense hot tempered.

You can’t be born again and your partner is an unbeliever. etc

Love is conditional. When you meet certain condition, genuine love becomes activated.

Jacob waited 14years before he could marry Racheal. He was patient…that is a condition, Genesis 29:18-30


  1. You must be born again
  2. You must be compatible in genotype.
  3. You must be God fearing.
  4. You must be disciplined.
  5. You must be mentally okay.
  6. You must be able to control your anger.
  7. You must be trustworthy.
  8. You must be financially stable.
  9. You must be submissive.
  10. You must be ready to take responsibility.
  11. You must not beat up your wife.
  12. You must be gentle and caring.
  13. You must be patient.


  1. Loving unconditionally is accepting anything and expecting nothing from your partner in Relationship/Marriage.
  2. Conditional love makes your partner careful not to misbehave because he/she knows that in misbehaving, he/she will loose you!

Always remember and never forget that, genuine love comes with condition. For the heart to be fully open, certain condition must be fulfilled.

Dear Lord, I thank You for today’s devotional. I receive the grace to give out my best in my Relationship/Marriage. Help me Lord to exhibit Your Will. Success shall be my portion in my Relationship/Marriage in Jesus name (Amen).

Good morning Beloved,
Remain Bless!

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